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Mohammad AboZeed


Learning from successful people is the best way to succeed.

From scratch, Muhammad AbuZeed built several successful projects in Malaysia, and he ran them himself.

Since the first project, Abu Zeed’s skills and capabilities have evolved in the business world, and he faced many difficulties and obstacles, which helped him to develop practical solutions and strategies that made the process of establishing his new projects easier and more successful.

Today, Mohamed Abu Zeed is not only establishing his own projects, but he is also helping entrepreneurs who aspire to start their projects by offering his extensive experience to them on a plate.

AbuZeed also provided Consulting services to companies and project owners in various fields and contributed to developing their businesses, correcting their work path, tackling all mistakes and facing all the challenges they are going through.

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Consulting with Mohammad AboZeed Really enabled to learn what my priorities should be and how to draw a measurable and feasible plan for my run up my start up business.

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